Want to Open a Business?

Buchanan Business Meeting – Buchanan’s merchants meet on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the meeting room of the Buchanan Town Hall. Join us Monday, June 18th.


Buchanan welcomes Dee Tribbett as the new owner of D&J Produce on Main Street.

Dee continues to provide many of the favorite services people love such as carry out meals, local grown produce, bulk items and quality customer service.

Be sure to drop by to see what is new. Convenient hours include Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.



Brink of the james interior 2Jay Brinkley, Sandra Brinkley, Kim Vaughan and Donna Vaughan opened Brink of the James Bistro in the old Esso Station on Main Street. They offer craft beers and off the beaten path menu offerings. Outdoor dining options abound, and, be sure to check out their new lower level dining, “Flood Zone.”

Buchanan welcomed new business owners Justin and Cassie Marsh and Mark and Donna 2006-03-04 11.11.54Marsh during a ribbon cutting for their business The Swinging Bridge Café located on Main Street across from the Bank of Botetourt. The Marsh’s are excited about serving the community from the Town’s oldest commercial building which is 200 years old.

2006-02-25 11.08.22

Buchanan welcomed new business owner Gary and Amelia Goldacker during a ribbon cutting for their business Roanoke Bagel Company on the James River located across from the Boat Ramp.  About 50 people came out to welcome the new business to Buchanan enjoying breakfast following the ribbon cutting. The Goldacker opening coincided with several Festivals so the family has enjoyed the opportunity to meet many new faces as they sell their bagels, sandwiches and pretzels during events such as the Garden Festival, Reggae By the River and Mountain Magic In Fall.



Buchanan welcomed new business owner Kristel Clark of KC Collections during a recent ribbon cutting for her shop on Main Street. From left to right Town Manager Mary Zirkle, Revitalization Program Manager Harry Gleason, Shop Owner Kristel Clark and Town Council Member Ardelia Smith.

Buchanan welcomed new business owners, Tim and Kim Conrad of the Barefoot Peddler during ribbon cutting for their new location in the heart of downtown.  From left to right; Mayor Larry Hall, Council Member005 Diane DiPalma, Shop Owners Tim & Kim Conrad, Downtown Program Harry Gleason, Mary Zirkle Town Manager, Council Member Della Hylton

Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program

The Town of Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program is dedicated to the continued enhancement of the historic downtown central business district and surrounding neighborhood centers. For information, contact the Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program Manager, or, Town Manager at (540) 254-1212.

As a private/public partnership, Buchanan’s revitalization activities rely on the cooperative efforts of the Town of Buchanan, local citizens, property owners and businesses and customers for its vitality. Buchanan is striving to anchor Main Street as a distinctive destination with historic architecture, eclectic small businesses specializing in quality customer service and goods as well as community oriented features like our riverfront park and downtown theatre. The success of Buchanan’s Main Street is thanks to the conscien585tious efforts of our local citizens and business community working together  to build a community we can be proud of.

The Town of Buchanan has modeled its’ revitalization activities on the National and Virginia Main Street Approach. Buchanan’s efforts put the traditional assets of downtown, such as historic architecture and locally-owned businesses, to work as a catalyst for economic growth and community pride. Many of our downtown buildings are on the State and National Register as part of the Town of Buchanan Historic District. These structures are eligible for historic rehabilitation tax credits for qualified renovations.

Some great business opportunities include opening a grocery store, clothing store, country store/cheese/meat market, furniture store, a restaurant, a bakery/coffee shop, an Italian restaurant/pizza parlor, a Mexican or Chinese Restaurant, an outdoors store, a bicycle shop, a gym, and more.

The town has several downtown locations as well as an area at the south entrance of Town zoned for business.

Buchanan uses the Main Street Program’s strategy for revitalizing as a guide in its efforts of managing the Downtown district uses four interconnected areas:

ORGANIZATION– The Town of Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program works to establish consensus and cooperation by building effective partnerships among all stakeholders including property owners, business owners, residents and the Town.

DESIGN– The Town of Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program works to enhance the visual quality of downtown by addressing all design elements to create an appealing environment. From signage, to storefront facades, to interior restoration to product displays, first impressions count in increasing sales and the desirability of downtown as a place to live, shop and invest.

ECONOMIC RESTRUCTURING – The Town of Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program works to strengthen downtown’s existing economic assets and fulfill its broadest market potential.

PROMOTIONS – The Town of Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program works to create and market a positive image based on the unique attributes of the Downtown district. Working with our local businesses and area residents, the Town has established a comprehensive Calendar of events. The Town also offers a Cost Share Virginia Logos Grant for Town businesses, contact the Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program or Town Manager at (540) 254-1212.

Welcome to the Town of Buchanan, Virginia

For Services:  Buchanan Town Hall, 19753 Main Street
Water, Sewer and Garbage Collection – 254-1212, ext. 1
Town Planning & Zoning – 254-1212, ext. 3
Buchanan Downtown Revitalization Program – 254-1212, ext. 4
Dominion Virginia Electric Service – 888-667-3000
Verizon Phone Service – 866-382-8182
Mail Services – U.S. Post Office – 254-2178: 19698 Main Street
Cable Television – Shentel – 877-743-8538
Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad – 9-1-1. Non-emergency – 254-1331

Town of Buchanan Taxes – Due by December 5th

Personal Property Taxes          $0.32 per $100.00
Real Estate Taxes                    $0.19 per $100.00
Tools and Machinery              $0.10 per $100.00

Business and Professional Operators License – Due January 1st.

License – $25.00 minimum, based on gross receipts.

License obtained from the Buchanan Town Hall. Zoning approval is required first, as well as a Sign Permit from Buchanan Town Hall before placing any signs.

Meals Tax & Occupancy Tax – 4% Due on the 20th of each month. Forms may be acquired from the Buchanan Town Hall.

Transient Occupancy Tax – 4% Due on the 20th of each month. Forms may be acquired from the Buchanan Town Hall.

Permits & Utility Fees – From Buchanan Town Hall

Town Zoning Permit                              $50.00
Sign Permit                                              $50.00
Public Hearing for Zoning Request    $150.00
Renter’s Water Deposit                         $200.00
Water Hook Up                                       $2,200.00
Sewer Hook Up                                       $2,500.00

Water, Sewer & Garbage Fees – Bills due upon receipt each month

Renter’s Water Deposit – $200.00
Property Owner Deposit – $0.00

Water, Sewer and Garbage customers are billed monthly for services. Residential Customers are charged $43.25 for the first 4,000 gallons of water, $26.25 for sewer, and $18.00 for garbage pickup. Commercial customers are charged $43.25 for the first 4,000 gallons of water, $26.25 for sewer and $26.00 for garbage. Water and sewer usage over 4,000 gallons per month are charged additional fees.

Dumpsters to be located and screened as per Town Zoning.

Botetourt County Offices (phone numbers are being changed)

County Switchboard – 473-8220
Treasurer’s Office – 473-8254
Commissioner of Revenue – 473-8270
Sheriff’s Department – 473-8230
Clerk of Circuit Court – 473-8274
Museum – 473-8394
Recreation Dept. 473-8326
Building Department – 473-8248
Zoning Office – 473-8320
Tourism Office – 474-1167

State Business Tax Forms

Virginia Department of Taxation – www.tax.virginia.gov
Virginia Government Business One Stop – www.bos.virginia.gov