Shopping Downtown Buchanan

Winner of Valley Conservation Council’s “Best Downtown Initiative Award” 

Winner of the Roanoke Times’ Botetourt View  “Best Place to Take Relatives from Out of Town” Award 

005With more than two hundred years of history in the making, the Town of Buchanan is capitalizing on its historic roots. As an increasingly popular tourist destination, downtown Buchanan invites you to shop, stroll and dine along our historic Main Street.

You and your family are invited to explore Buchanan where treasures from the past and present await your discovery.  Step back in time as you stroll along Buchanan’s historic Main Street. Discover a treasure trove of “mom and pop” shops offering a wealth of goods as well as personal services for your everyday needs.

Main Street’s quaint atmosphere encourages a leisurely pace. Enjoy brightly colored begonias cascading from baskets while petunias and impatiens fill planters welcoming shoppers to Main Street. Copper storefronts, gleaming hardwood floors and soaring ceilings dressed in ornate pressed metal tiles delight shoppers and stand as a testimony to earlier days.

Merchants fill their shops and galleries with anything you can imagine. A sampling of downtowns businesses include antiques,  art, collectibles, primitives, produce and plants for your garden, canoeing & river supplies, indoor black-light golf, and, so much more.

Locally owned restaurants offer Burgers & Fries, Barbeque, Italian, as well as Good Old-Fashioned Southern Cooking. Check them out, they are waiting to serve you.

While you are here, why not stay the night and spend the evening at one of our Inns housed within an executive rail car, a historic Victorian Home, a log cabin moved from the Blue Ridge Parkway and even a remodeled turn of the century gas station.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you what small town America is all about. Remember we encourage you to shop, dine, play and live local.